Clueless - "Pink Cher" - Pretty and Pressed Nails

Clueless - "Pink Cher"

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Press-ons are quick, easy, and hassle-free. If going to the salon is not an option right now, these are definitely a GREAT option!

While we love creating from our Pretty-N-Pressed Imagination, you can certainly customize our existing options by mixing and matching different styles. Perhaps a matte blue nail from one set and a white marble nail from another? All shapes, colors, and sizes are available upon request!



If you're worried about damaging your nails, here's a little hack I found to be EXTREMELY useful: Prior to applying your press-on nails,  paint a couple of coats of clear polish, then add a glittery varnish on top. When you're removing the press-on nails, instead of it removing parts of your natural nail bed, it will remove the polish first. Particularly since glitter nail polishes are so difficult to remove, it gives your nails some extra protection. This trick is not foolproof — there will be times that a bit of your nail bed is peeled off, too — but if you're careful and remove your nails properly, you will be fine.

Customer Reviews

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Toni Ellis

They are everything I expected and Very Beautiful 🤗

Meti A
Love them

They looked very cute! I’m glad i got them.